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Materialization Breathing – Methods of Use

Materialization Breath

Greg has demonstrated the Materialization Breath in a YouTube video.  You can watch the video at  Please visit our Plant Prana Oils YouTube channel at for free classes, study groups, and features on several oils.

Hold the bottle of oil on the chest, then exhale and lower your chin to the chest. Do the following steps a total of 8 or 9 times:

  1. Inhale the essential oil thru your nose
  2. Hold your breath and then you raise your chin upwards
  3. With your chin up, exhale thru your mouth
  4. Hold your breath and then you lower your chin to your chest

Materialization Breathing is one of the many methods of using essential oils.

Body Tonic – Methods of Use

In a bottle, mix 15 (moderate) to 25 (maximum) drops of essential oil per ounce of alcohol-free witch hazel and apply to the affected area. Do not use oils that are caustic or sensitizing. If sensitivities occur reduce the amount of essential oil or discontinue use.

Shake well before every application.

Body Tonic is one of the many methods of using essential oils.

Therapeutic Rollerball – Methods of Use

In a rollerball, mix 40% essential oil to 60% carrier oil (Jojoba preferred). To give specifics, if your rollerball is the 5ml variety, this would be 2ml of the essential oil and 3ml of the carrier oil; For a 10ml rollerball, that would be 4ml of the essential oil to 6ml of the carrier oil. So a 10ml rollerball contains almost as much essential oil as a 5ml bottle!

Do not confuse the Therapeutic Rollerball method with the massage method of use. While you can use a massage version in a rollerball, it only contains a few drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. In the therapeutic rollerball version a full 40% of the contents are essential oil.

This makes therapeutic rollerballs great for rolling on the skin in specific areas, or manually distributing it over a larger area. You can also use a rollerball for sustained inhalation, one of our favorite methods of application. Greg even uses a rollerball to apply around the nose for extended sustained inhalation without having to hold a bottle to the nose!

And remember to shake the rollerball well before every application.

Rollerball is one of the many methods of using essential oils.

The Methods of Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils are very versatile at bringing change to the bodies we live in. This is a catalog of the methods that Greg uses throughout his literature and lectures to use the oils in the most effective way.

Body Tonic – BT – New 5/1/2022

Chakras (energetic) – EN

Compress – C

Foot Bath – FB

Gargle – G

Inhalation/Diffuser – INH

Inhalation, Sustained – SI

Internal – INT

Liniment – LT

Massage – M

Materialization Breathing – MB – New 5/1/2022

Neat – N

Ointment – O

Salt Bath – SB

Salt Scrub – SS

Soap – SOAP

Spray – SP

Steam – ST

Tincture – T

Therapeutic Rollerball – TR – New 5/1/2022

Vinegar – V

Updated 5/1/2022

Spray – Methods of Use

Sprays are best used for its energetic impact. Add 10-15 drops of essential oil per ounce of alcohol. This is very similar to making a liniment. Alcohol should be used rather than water. Alcohol has a cleansing effect just by itself and seems to more evenly disperse the oil. Sprays are a great place to use the oils that are caustic or sensitizing since you are not spraying directly on the skin.

Spray is one of the many methods of using essential oils.

Steam – Methods of Use

Pour very hot water into a bowl and add a few drops of essential oil. The scent will
be very strong at first so be cautious when you begin the treatment. Take long,
slow, deep breaths with your head over the bowl. Take a break every few breaths.

Steam is one of the many methods of using essential oils.

Salt Scrub – Methods of Use

Use unscented liquid soap, vegetable glycerin, shampoo, or conditioner and add several drops of essential oil. This has a very potent cleansing effect (energetic) especially when the solar plexus area is treated. Do not use caustic or sensitizing oils for this method.

Salt Scrub is one of the many methods of using essential oils.