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The Benefits of Lovage Root and Lovage Leaf

Lovage Root and Lovage Leaf

CIRCULATION: Accusation of fluids, fluid congestion, degenerative joint issues, deposits in the joints and tissue, gout, edema, poor circulation, rheumatism, water retention

DIGESTIVE: indigestion, flatulence, spasms

GENITO-URINARY: irregular cycle, excessive flow, very lite flow,

PSYCHOLOGICAL: integration into the heart, releases physiological emotions

ENERGETIC: cleansing, breaking down of calcified energy

  • may be helpful with fevers
  • may help improve the eyesight when used regularly

The Benefits of Prosperity


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter November 1, 2021

The Prosperity blend helps to set the energetic pattern of prosperity by releasing negative emotions / thoughts from the unconscious. This helps to reduce being triggered and reacting to external stimuli allowing you to be more relaxed and cognitive in distressing times.

For best results inhale, apply to the wrists, or the ajna and heart.

The Benefits of Rue


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter March 29, 2021

CIRCULATORY: high blood pressure

GENITO_URINARY: tonic for the womb

IMMUNE: regulates immune response, infectious diseases

DIGESTIVE: weakness of bowels and stomach, colic, flatulence 

NERVOUS: hysteria, strengthens the nerves, stress, may reduce fight or flight response, helps to soothe instinctive responses and triggers

PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, PTSD, chaotic thinking

ENERGETIC: cutting energetic cords, protection, purifying the physical form to handle greater amounts of spiritual energy, purifies the basic and sex chakras

SPIRITUAL: sustained awareness, facilitates meditation and ceremony

  • in ancient times rue was seen as an antidote to poison, this could be the poison of an unregulated basic chakra which was referred to as wickedness or poison
  • Used in Pagan traditions for protection and magic spells
  • In the past the Catholic Church used rue mixed with holy water and sprinkled on the congregation 
  • Hasidic Jews were taught to use rue in an amulet as a protection from plagues
  • One of the ingredients in the original “ four thieves” formula from the great plagues of Toulouse France in 1628-1631

The Benefits of Trigger Point Blend

Trigger Point Blend

Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter November 1, 2021

The Trigger Point Blend helps to reduce trigger point activity, diminish the effects of psychic attack, improves sleep and the repair mode that happens while you sleep, and relaxes body tension. Repeated use activates abstract thinking

The Benefits of Mucus


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter November 1, 2021

The Mucus blend is a combination of essential oils that help break up and reduce mucus in the respiratory tract. Great for cold and flu season.

For best results inhale, apply to chest, or apply to the nostrils.

The Benefits of Basil


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter January 19, 2021.

SKIN:  Insect bites and repellant.

RESPIRATORY:   Sinusitis, coughs, ear ache, bronchitis, paradoxical breathing, shortness of breath.

DIGESTIVE:  Flatulence, digestive aid, painful or difficult digestion.

GENITO – URINARY:  Cramps, difficult periods.

MUSCULAR: Spasms, rheumatism, aches and pains, effects of gout, myo-fasciitis.

NERVOUS :  Fatigue, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, migraine, insomnia, fuzzy head, mental fatigue. Basil is a great nerve tonic and restorative to the entire nervous system.

ENERGETIC:  Cleansing (physically, emotionally and mentally.)  Restorative to the mind, helps to diminish mental conditioning.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, mental stimulant

SPIRITUAL: helps to unwind the conditioning of the past so one can be more present

The Benefits of Mugwort


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter March 22, 2021.

Greg has featured the essential oil Mugwort in a YouTube video.  You can watch the video at  Please visit our Plant Prana Oils YouTube channel at for free classes, study groups, and features on several oils.




IMMUNE: fever, used in a technique to re-educate immune system

DIGESTIVE: tonic (applied topically)

GENITO-URINARY: antispasmodic, womb tonic, painful or delayed menstruation, irregular menstruation, diuretic, renal failure

ENDOCRINE: balancer

MUSCULAR: tired achy feet

NERVOUS: hysteria, epilepsy, may induce lucid dreaming, accelerates the healing process, can help in the sleep process, impacts cerebrospinal fluid circulation

  • used to augment treatments for all conditions

** used as an herb of protection in several traditions

*** worn by John the Baptist

PSYCHOLOGICAL: shock, PTSD, OCD, mental stimulant, focus, memory, helps to move past traumatic events, reduces fixation, breaks down internal imagery, intuition, stimulates creative process, promotes tranquility

ENERGETIC: activation of energy centers, opens up energy channels

SPIRITUAL: protection, conductivity, cultivation of emptiness, detachment, possibly may help clairvoyance, increases soul contact

The Benefits of Hyssop



Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter March 15, 2021.

Greg has featured the essential oil Hyssop in a YouTube video.  You can watch the video at  Please visit our Plant Prana Oils YouTube channel at for free classes, study groups, and features on several oils.

SKIN: Inflammation, irritation, dermitis, eczema, bruises, helps to induce perspiration and detoxification

RESPIRATORY: Coughs, sore throats, asthma, bronchitis, mucus, whooping cough, HELPS TO SLOW DOWN THE BREATH.

* very helpful in the treatment of asthma and lung inflammations

GENITO-URINARY: Menstrual issues, lack of menses, genital hygiene (can be used to reduce the potential for STD’s mixed with sesame massage oil)

IMMUNE: Infectious conditions, colds, flu, tonsillitis, wound healing, anti carcinogenic 

* highly antiviral

DIGESTIVE: Indigestion, colic

* stimulates metabolic and liver secretions.

CIRCULATION: High blood pressure, balancing and regulating on the circulatory system, improves sluggish circulation

MUSCULAR/JOINTS: Rheumatism, antispasmodic 

NERVOUS: Anxiety, stress-related conditions, nervous tension, fatigue, psychosomatic response, exhaustion, stimulates the medulla oblongata 


One of the best oils used to treat defense mechanisms of the ego, somatization, helps one to transcend difficulties and painful experiences, helpful with the grieving process, helpful with strong emotions that make the breath shallow. Reduces the tendency to absorb negativity from the environment and others. It helps to diminish negativity and move past traumatic events in a more healthy way.

Helps one get in touch with their higher nature and to maintain that connection.

ENERGETIC: Purifying, restoring, fortifying. Activates the heart and crown

SPIRITUAL: Acceptance (very deep level of acceptance when used consistently with intention,) increases conductivity to the Divine, Expansion.


“Tapping into the flow of life”

Contemplate an area in your life you wish for healing. It can be a physical issue, a psychological issue such as a trauma or fear, it can be a relationship, an area associated with your work or a goal, or simply wishing to connect to the divine.

Hold the subject you are focusing on in your heart while taking long, slow, deep breaths with hyssop. Continue the inhalation for a few minutes. Then, be still.

Let go of all imagery and focus on your navel area. Take several long, slow, deep breaths with your awareness on your navel. Then, be still.

Focus on the top of your head while taking long, slow, deep breaths. Do this for several minutes then be still.

Repeat this process up to seven times. Practice stillness between each cycle.

Each cycle should take you deeper and deeper, stop whenever you achieve a suffice to level of peace and stillness.

The Benefits of Neroil


Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter October 5, 2020

SKIN: tones the complexion, mature skin, wrinkles, thread veins

CIRCULATORY: palpitations, poor circulation

DIGESTIVE: nervous dyspepsia, spasm

MUSCULAR: releases fascia

NERVOUS: anxiety, tension, stress-related conditions, psychosomatic conditions, PMT, Shock, depression

PSYCHOLOGICAL: anxiety, panic, depression, stress, fear, trauma, elementals, psychic attack, grief, resistances, defense mechanisms, inappropriate pride, etc.

ENERGETIC: cleansing, soothing, regenerating, raises vibration, sense of well-being, activates the heart, activates the crown

SPIRITUAL: cultivating oneness, awareness, emptiness, devotion, detachment, conductivity, increases ability to be a vessel, stimulates “seeking” in the student

The Benefits of Ginger Lily

Ginger Lily

Originally published in the Plant Prana Newsletter November 2, 2020.

ENDOCRINE: calms the adrenals

NERVOUS: psychosomatic conditions, stress-related conditions, tension, migraines

PSYCHOLOGICAL: stress, fear, trauma, elementals, psychic attack, grief, resistances, defense mechanisms, personality disorders, inappropriate pride, Mental imagery issues, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image, self-worth, self-denial, projection, obsessive-compulsive issues, anxiety, panic, etc.

ENERGETIC: purifying, raises vibration

SPIRITUAL: transmutation (etheric, emotional, mental), conductivity, helps consciousness expand out of the body (during meditation)

The caduceus is the best example of a symbol that represents the properties of Ginger Lily.