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Chakras Class Series

Many people have asked about groups of related classes. Paid classes include an essential oils gift kit and class workbook PDF along with the class. If you are taking a Previous Class: The class workbook PDF and link to the class recording will be E-mailed to you and the essential oils gift kit will be shipped to you. You can click on the links below to learn more about each class!

Chakras Class Series:

Awareness and Higher Consciousness – The Crown
Hidden Secrets of the Pineal Gland – The Forehead
Understanding and the Creation of Ideas – The Ajna
Brain Waves and the Bridge of Light – The Throat
Translucent Imagination of the Heart – The Heart
Cultivating Balance and Discernment – The Solar Plexus
Victory and the Progress of Life – The Spleen
Building the Golden Body – The Navel
Transformation and the Inner Sense – Meng Mein
The Foundation of Creativity – The Sex
Kundalini and the Inner Light – The Basic

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