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Achieving Deeper States of Oneness

Live from Louisville, KY and Via Zoom Saturday Aug 7 9a-6p Eastern, Sunday Aug 8 10a-6p Eastern Contact: – receive a gift of an aromatherapy kit worth $150 - discover the essential oils that help improve meditations and states of oneness - use essential oils to increase soul contact - essential oils and their […]

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Building the Golden Body

Building the Golden Body Live in Sarasota, FL and Via Zoom Saturday Aug 14th 9a-6p Eastern, Sunday Aug 15th 10a-6p Eastern Brain Waves and Chakra class: Navel experience the aspect of God associated with the navelIncrease ability to harmonize conflicts and oppositionImprove your perceptions of yourselves Improve your ability to build the golden bodyDo work with […]

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Higher Creativity and Overcoming Obstacles

Higher Creativity and Overcoming Obstacles Live Via Zoom Saturday 9a-6p Central, Sunday 10a-6pm Central Time - Receive an essential oils gift worth $150 - understand what happens when we face obstacles in our life - address stress and other blockages to overcoming obstacles - minimize the time it takes for you to problem solve - […]

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Angels 4 Class and Deeper Angel Study

Angels 4 and Deeper Angel Study Saturday 28th 10a-6p Central, Sunday 29th 10a-6p Central Day 1: Angels 4 Day 2: Deeper Angel Study Prerequisite: Must have already taken Angels 1 and 2 (if you would like to take this class and have not already taken Angles 1 and 2 you can register for the Previous […]