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Human Design Oils

Welcome to the interface between Human Design and Plant Prana Essential Oils. We are combining these two extraordinary modalities which, each, in their own way, guide us to align more closely with ourselves, and naturally empower our lives.
Both Human Design and Plant Prana Essential Oils are energetic in nature. They are working with the meeting point between the physical world and the quantum world. The meeting point between the world of matter and the world of spirit. Both are energetic modalities that engage, impact, and upgrade our frequencies. As we clear and dissolve the inflammation and distortions that are a product of conditioning, poor habits, and entanglements, we live freer, more aligned lives.


Human Design Essential Oil Kits

Human Design Kit; Profile 1/3$46.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 1/4$55.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 2/4$57.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 2/5$57.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 3/5$50.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 3/6$49.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 4/1$55.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 4/6$63.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 5/1$45.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 5/2$56.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 6/2$61.00
Human Design Kit; Profile 6/3$59.00

Human Design Type Generator 5ml$18.00
Human Design Type Generator Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$12.00
Human Design Type Manifesting Generator 5ml$26.00
Human Design Type Manifesting Generator Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$15.00
Human Design Type Manifestor 5ml$80.00
Human Design Type Manifestor Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$36.00
Human Design Type Projector 5ml$40.00
Human Design Type Projector Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$20.00
Human Design Type Reflector 5ml$20.00
Human Design Type Reflector Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$13.00
Line 1 - 5ml$20.00
Line 1 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$10.00
Line 2 - 5ml$30.00
Line 2 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$15.00
Line 3 - 5ml$22.00
Line 3 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$11.00
Line 4 - 5ml$40.00
Line 4 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$20.00
Line 5 - 5ml$20.00
Line 5 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$10.00
Line 6 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$13.00
Line 6 5ml$24.00
Profile 1/3 - 5ml$24.00
Profile 1/3 Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$12.00
Profile 1/4 - 5ml$24.00
Profile 1/4 -Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$12.00
Profile 2/4 - 5ml$20.00
Profile 2/4 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$10.00
Profile 2/5 - 5ml$40.00
Profile 2/5 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$20.00
Profile 3/5 - 5ml$32.00
Profile 3/5 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$16.00
Profile 3/6 - 5ml$24.00
Profile 3/6 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$12.00
Profile 4/1 - 5ml$24.00
Profile 4/1 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$12.00
Profile 4/6 - 5ml$35.00
Profile 4/6 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$18.00
Profile 5/1 - 5ml$22.00
Profile 5/1 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$11.00
Profile 5/2 - 5ml$36.00
Profile 5/2 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$18.00
Profile 6/2 - 5ml$42.00
Profile 6/2 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$21.00
Profile 6/3 - 5ml$45.00
Profile 6/3 - Therapeutic Rollerball 5ml$23.00