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Help For Modern Living

Help For Modern Living October 23rd 10am-6pm Central Time Class Price- $150: Receive an aromatherapy kit worth $50 learn about proper use of essential oilsUse essential oils to improve your immunityDiscuss the best oils for virusesExamine different components of respiratory health and how to support the respiratory tract Holistic ways to treat allergiesStrategies for painSupport for […]

Register $75 – $250

Essential Oils for Difficult Times

Essential Oils for Difficult Times Sunday October 24th 10a-6p Central Time Class: $150; Receive aromatherapy kit worth $50 Learn proper use of essential oilsUnderstand the mechanisms of stress and how to treat Discuss anxiety and oils that can helpOils for sleep related issues and their applications Learn about physical and psychological depression and how to addressPractice techniques […]

Register $75 – $150