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Chamomile, German 5ml


We create our essential oils to order.
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SKIN: Dermatitis, eczema, insect bites, sensitive skin, toothache, irritated skin, acne, allergies, boils, burns, cuts, chilblains, hair care, inflammations, earache, rashes, wounds


MUSCULAR/JOINTS: Inflamed joints, rheumatism, sprains, strains, pulled muscles, a very potent anti inflammatory 


IMMUNE: immune stimulant, helps to clean up system after an infection


DIGESTIVE: heartburn, nervous heartburn and indigestion, colic, nausea, inflammation, pain in digestive tract, tension in the gut to to stress, stress related conditions of the gut


NERVOUS SYSTEM: Neuralgia, stress related conditions, insomnia, nervous tension, psychosomatic response, headaches, nervous headaches, body tension associated with stress, sleeplessness


ENERGETIC: stabilizing, regulates chakras


PSYCHOLOGICAL: soothing, stress, stimulation of the intuitive mind, calming without depressing


SPIRITUAL: conductivity 


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