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A Multifaceted Approach to Pain Management


Did you miss our A Multifaceted Approach to Pain Management class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.

  • Receive an aromatherapy kit gift worth $150
  • Discuss the different types of pain and their mechanisms
  • Learn how to identify more than ten different types of pain and how to treat them
  • Practice applying different types of essential oils for pain
  • Learn the psychological energies that each type of pain generates and how to treat them
  • Experience the effects of the lymphatic system on pain and how to stimulate it
  • Learn about the cerebrospinal fluid and its effects on pain
  • Discover how to harness cerebrospinal fluid circulation with essential oils
  • Learn different ways for treating the spine to help eradicate pain syndromes
  • Learn about the respiratory system and how it impacts pain
  • Discover different types of muscles spasms and how to treat them with oils
  • Learn how to treat the psychological responses to pain
  • Discuss several oils and their properties specific to pain syndromes
  • Learn how to utilize pain for spiritual development
  • Learn techniques that are not in any book concerning pain management
  • Formulate a pain strategy for yourself and loved ones
  • Get your questions answered
  • Plus more

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