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  • Did you miss our Self Esteem Part 2 Social Self+ Part 3 Instinctual Self class and want to catch up? You will get our downloadable files in an email.
  • This class is free
  • address the aspects of self esteem that has to do with social influences
  • Increase ability to identify, understand, harness, and regulate emotions 
  • Develop quick ways to calm agitation in the emotional body
  • Break emotional patterns especially when addressing social interactions
  • Reduce social insecurities and anxiety
  • Fortify emotions while increasing your ability to embrace change
  • Address how we make choices, what we identify with, and how we present ourselves to the world
  • Feel better about yourself internally and socially
  • Increase confidence 
  • Become a better “self starter”
  • Increase cognitive depth perception 
  • Deepen levels of inner peace
  • Strengthen your follow through in tasks
  • Diminish procrastination 
  • Increase your ability to “Integrate into the heart”
  • Thicken your “skin” to become more outgoing
  • Plus more
Suggested Oils listed below…. Self Esteem 2 Agitation: Blue Healer, Yarrow, Blue Tansy Purification: Gilead Fortification: Ambrette, Rose Regeneration: Tarragon, Benzoin Raising Vibration: Galbanum, Sandalwood Stimulation: Forest Mint Allostasis: Palo Santo, Aloes Self Esteem 3 Agitation: Nutmeg Raising Vibration: Mastic Regeneration: Myrrh Purification: Cassia Fortification: Calamus Allostasis: Aloes Stimulation: Cinnamon    

Here is what’s in the special kit:

Agitation: Dark Blue Tansy1ml

Purification: Gilead 2ml roller

Fortification: Rose 1ml

Regeneration: Tarragon 5ml

Raising Vibration: Sandalwood 2ml

Stimulation: Forest Mint 5ml

Agitation: Nutmeg 5ml

Regeneration: Opopanox 5ml

Purification: Cassia 5ml

Fortification: Calamus 1ml

Allostasis: aloes 1ml

Stimulation: Abramelin 5ml