M. Shipp - Houston, TX

 I truly love this class. I’m so happy and blessed to be able to experience the classes this weekend. I can feel the love and support here. Also, the amount of knowledge I’m learning is awesome!


Brandi Smith - Austin, TX

Plant Prana is the most amazing high quality oils I have worked with.  There is a diverse range of mixtures found only at Plant Prana which have multiple uses and a multitude of positive effects in various systems in the body.  I use solely Plant Prana essential oils in my physical therapy practice.


Terri Wiebold - Iowa

Excellent class with Angels. A great teacher. So much valuable information shared.


R. Francisco - Los Angeles

I attended 2 classes on Essential Oils by Greg Toews and was pleasantly amazed to learn deep esoteric truths on how to use essential oils for pain management and to improve my spiritual life. If he has a class near you, go take it. It may change your life.

X. Remolina - Mexico CIty

Es un curso maravilloso cambia toda tu perspectiva mental sobre las cosas.Comprendes porque no se están realizando tus proyectos y metas desde dónde viene tus autosabotajes y limitaciones, entiendes cómo funciona tu cuerpo etérico y si estás abierto hay mensajes al respirar cada aceite con los espíritus de los seres elementales y Los Ángeles. Gracias Sarita Greg y grupo maravilloso de Alma Wellness Center,Cuidad de México

L. Jones

Gregs oils are the best of any oils I have ever tried. He is also a Pranic Healer and have made a tremendous difference in my life and and my family.  

Thanks Greg❤️

M Paulin

Greg Toews' knowledge of Essential Oils is over-the-top amazing.  The oils are excellent 100% quality. His classes and trainings are superb.  The vast array of applications gives anyone interested in healing the opportunity to address all aspects of their being (Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual)!  Classes are "hands-on" (or should I say "nose-on") engaging and you walk away with the understanding that oils are your friend...even the ones that smell less than desirable.  

Thank you Greg Toews for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a selfless way with all those interested in receiving.  Thank you so very much!

Katina Jenkins - Dickinson, Tx

Plant Prana oils are so amazing. I can't say enough good things about them. They have helped me with many challeges in my life.

Andrea B - Playa Del Carmen

Totalmente recomendable ! Greg es un súper maestro lleno de amor y transmite de manera hermosa las enseñanzas de MCKS . 

Gracias por todo !!!!!